Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Day On the Beach

Here's a poem I wrote while laying on the beach a few weeks ago:

Dark cherry red lips on a freckled pale face
Young, worn eyes framed in thunder
Stretched upon decades of degraded sand.
Flame red hair pulled back
Whipping through the misty salt air
Top half drinking energy from the sun
Strength seeping in from the rocky pillow below
Thoughts steeping from her pores
Drifting in the endless breeze.
To where the sea meets the sky
and there put to rest
and the girl falls into deep slumber
baking in the warmth
dreaming for eternity of an alternate life.
A life lived deep in the ocean
and someday catching up to those thoughts.
   A few days before writing this, I had been told that my imagery isn't the best, so I really tried to work on that. To me, this is about me laying on the beach and what my thoughts were. In a way, I was able to take all my stress and problems and push them away until the next day at home. I was able to just relax and think deeper, more meaningful thoughts. It was a really nice feeling.

   I really appreciate all advice and ideas, as it helps me improve my work. So whoever reads this, please say whatever you think of it.

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